2 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. This is such a great thought. Really appreciate you asking this – it made me flush out some of my frustrations.

    NO. NEVER. Slavery is never an appropriate thing to impose on any living being.

    No one is born to be a slave to another. Everyone has their own life and they have the ultimate right to do whatever they want to do in their life – Either it’s good or bad, even then it’s none of any one’s business and no one should be controlling anyone.

    But the problem is that, people often misunderstand loyalty for slavery. They don’t know or unaware of good things that exist within good people.

    Generosity, love, affection, emotions, loyalty, faithfulness that the good people show and live by, often misunderstood that they are seen as they are being controlled and they are dumb and stupid.

    It’s just frustrates me so much when I think about the fact that someone lives with such a person for 5 yrs, 10 yrs, 15 yrs or more and even then they don’t realize who they are living with and unfortunately they think that they can control that person by their own worthless way of living.

    No one can control anyone. Everyone has a brain and they will think and even if they don’t, GOD exists and justice will be served.

    One and only way that you can keep a living being (be a person or a pet) with you is through LOVE.

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