Favourite Quotes

I believe in things that I realize myself, indeed have beliefs in proverbs and quotes by great people. We can’t learn everything in life through our own experience and why should we? Great people have given their experience and knowledge through their own words. We can consider it as a learning tool; don’t have to believe anything with closed eyes. Read them, analyze them and if it makes sense believe them and follow them. Still, knowledge that’s acquired through one’s own self cannot be compared to anything read from anywhere.

Here are some proverbs and quotes that I believe, I question, I wonder, that inspires me and some that I acknowledge. I have always had interest towards learning proverbs since my childhood; the main reason for that is no one could ever answer what you believe, what you do is right or wrong, people around you might not be that wise. I have always found these proverbs gave me confidence that what I feel, what I do and what I admire are not that bad atleast. I believe some of these could be useful for others too.

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