Human Skills

Leader in ME

I have worked previously on-campus at RIT as an Office Assistant and Lab Assistant. Being a Lab Assistant, I should exhibit excellent Customer Care skills to assist the students and effective Communication skills to communicate with students and encourage them to ask their questions. To acquire these skills, lot of leadership events have been provided by Information Technology Services (ITS) and I am an active participant in these events. I have received Certificates related to these leadership skills which include but not limited to Tools and Techniques for Effective Communication, Excellent Customer Care, Dealing with Difficult Situations at Workplace.

I have been nominated for Paychex Leadership Conference and the Real World Breakfast Series & Etiquette Dinner! based on my involvement in Leadership activities and my dedication and hard work towards my responsibilities.

The Real World Breakfast Series composed of four different programs that are designed to help RIT students transition successfully into the real world. The programs offered were Financial Planning, Salary Negotiations, Evaluating Benefits Packages and Business Etiquette Dinner. Business Etiquette Dinner was hosted by John Bourdage,former butler to Queen of England.

Attended the Paychex Leadership Conference on Feb 7th, 2009. It was a one day Leadership Conference sponsored by Paychex, a multimillion dollar company founded by Tom Golisano. The Leadership Conference included several topics taught by experts at Paychex such as Situational Leadership, The Leadership Grid, Motivation, Job Search Tips and Interviewing Skills. It was really a wonderful experience in meeting other students of different universities and spending time with the real corporate people. The Networking session allowed the students to interact directly with the Recruiting team to learn more about their expectations when interviewing a candidate and other interviewing tips.

Participated in the 2009 Connectology Leadership Conferece at RIT on April 4th 2009. It was the 5th Annual Conference at RIT and this year’s conference was the largest one to draw more than 300 students and alumni from RIT & area colleges!!

The conference was packed with a breadth of leadership and professional preparedness workshops that would help the students get ahead and stay ahead in their personal and professional life! I was highly interested in the Personal Success Skills and attended four sessions under the PSS Leadership workshop. They are

  • Session 1: PSS: DISC Personality Assessment (Double Block Session 1 & 2)
  • Session 2: PSS: DISC Personality Assessment (Double Block Session 1 & 2)
  • Session 3: PSS: Leadership as Lifestyle
  • Session 4: PSS: Emotion Intelligence

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